Fit Moms For Life: 3 Amazon Buyer Reviews of the Best Fitness for Moms Book on the Market

Fitness for Moms - Discover the 5 secret pillars that, when combined, will result in rapid fat loss, but more importantly lasting fat loss.

How to get rid of your muffin top - This will be the last fitness book you will ever need.  Fit Moms For Life talks about what it takes to make this a lifestyle and not just another flash in the pan diet and exercise program that you do for a few weeks and stop.

Get to know 31 amazing women who have taken the Fit Mom For Life Challenge and dropped anywhere from 30-100 lbs, and kept the weight off!

Are you ready to…

Look 20 years younger?

Have a flat stomach again?

Take your husband's breath away each time he sees you?
Bring sexy back into being a mom?

Melt the muffin top?

Fit into your skinny jeans and still have room left over?

Be a mom that your kids are proud of?

In this book you will discover:

One exercise that will make your stomach 2-4 inches smaller within two weeks
Why cardio makes you fat and how you can burn 5X9 times more fat than doing boring cardio
How to burn fat 24 hours a day
How to eat like a linebacker and have a metabolism of a hummingbird
How to change your thoughts to produce lasting fat results


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